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Benefits of CBD Oil Gummies Versus Gummy Bears

06 Nov 2020, 19:33 GMT+10

CBD and its by-products come in a variety of different formats. Nowadays one can get anything from vape pens to bath bombs, lip balms, moisturizers, oil, tinctures, capsules, and even honey sticks. But nothing tastes as good as candy with CBD oil in it.

What are we talking about? Well, let's step back for a second, we have all eaten or at least come across gummy bears at some point in our lives either as kids or adults, and the majority of us love them. These are the small rubbery, fruit-flavored gum candies that are known as �Jelly-babies� in English speaking countries. They are shaped in the form of bears and come in jars of all sorts of colors, just makes our mouth water thinking about it.

Well, these gelatine-based candies have made a comeback, and in a much healthier format as well. With added CBD in them. Need we remind ourselves how beneficial CBD (the hemp plant extract - cannabidiol) is? If you have forgotten, click here to remind yourselves once again.

Now they have been upgraded to what we call �CBD gummies�, which are just like the regular ones but with an added advantage of being good for your health, due to the one special ingredient Cannabidiol. Below we have some vital information for you regarding these, in case you are not a fan of taking the oil, tinctures, or capsules. Pop one into your mouth and your good to go!

What Can CBD Gummies Do for You That Regular Ones Can't

Normal gummy bears, are chock full of different types of artificial ingredients, flavors, sugars, the list is endless and can be found here:, providing no necessary or known health benefit besides giving you a sugar rush for a few hours and making you energetic.

With that added special ingredient cannabidiol in the gummies that we like, there are tons of health benefits and advantages, a few include - they taste nicer and less synthetic, they are the easiest ones to ingest, no one will know they're made of CBD, plus you get the vegan kind and the none vegan kind with gelatine in them.

Gelatine in itself has numerous benefits which include a few of the ones mentioned below:

  • Supporting skin, nails, and hair growth
  • It is a source of collagen which when we get older, loses its elasticity
  • Supports joint mobility and bone health
  • Helps to improve and aid digestion
  • A good source of amino acids
  • Helps to fight inflammation
  • It keeps you calm and soothed in times of anxiety
  • It can help stop wounds from bleeding too much

And many more.

All of these benefits coupled together with CBD inside of the candies just adds an even greater advantage to your health.

Those who use this format rather than the tinctures or capsules, mention the benefit they derive from it revealing that it keeps them calm, and stress-free, and it also helps them to ease any discomfort or tension related to many health conditions such as back pain, headaches, inflammation, and even mobility issues.

The other benefit of taking gummies instead of any other form is that unlike smoking a vape or an e-cigarette, it will not harm your throat or respiratory system in any way. Plus, let's face it, no preparation is needed before taking these, unlike other formats that may need to be prepared in some manner before using it such as a rolled joint.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

Any other form of ingesting cannabinoids takes much quicker and hits you much faster than this one. The gummies are known to take the longest to digest however the effects last long too.

Some research done on them reveals that their effects can last for up to 8 hours at a time. It would however depend on the individual metabolism and is you have just eaten or are taking them on an empty stomach. Plus, the size of the dose will also determine how long it will last in your body and release all of its positive little helpers into your ECS or internal Endocannabinoid system.

So, if you had a choice between buying the normal gummies, filled with all types of artificial sugars and useless ingredients such as fillers and flavors that you find in grocery or sweet shops, versus the natural and organic CBD gummies such as the �Focus-High Gummy-Oils� that are beneficial to your lifestyle and overall wellbeing and which you can view product on this link, which one do you think you should put in your basket?

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