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How to Edit Your Assignments?

09 Nov 2020, 19:02 GMT+10

A student who has made his assignment on his own is ebullient to submit it and never thinks of editing it before submitting. He thinks that it is the magnum opus and the most intelligent document ever created. In this excitement, most of the people forget about the most significant step of making an assignment i.e. proofreading.

It boils down to a simple question, what is the meaning of proofreading? In terms of presentation, the assignment must be formatted accordingly. It must be free from silly patent errors like punctuating errors and spelling errors.

It must appeal visually to the spectator with a cover sheet having the required particulars like the assignment title. The end sheet must have bibliography or list of references. These patent errors irritate the examiner and the whole purpose of writing an assignment is defeated when it comes to this. If someone does not want anyassignment help,they can take the guidance from this article.

Here is a list of reasons as to why one must avoid these errors at all costs.

Reasons for avoiding silly errors

Errors affect credibility

Poor and weak sentence structuring that is full of punctuation and grammatical errors make the author looks less serious about the assignment. A prospective employer may not hire such a person with sloppy attention to detail. Flawless and perfect grammar reflects that one works with full concentration.

Serves the purpose of the assignment

If the author is not able to put forward his notions and ideas in a comprehensible and empathic way, then what is the purpose of toiling so hard? Clarity of expression leads to harmony while ambiguity leads to conundrum and conflicts.

Establishes the authority

A person with astounding command over the subject matter creates an impression and influences masses through his thoughts that have a revolutionary effect on the reader.

These errors can make anyone redo their assignments. Moreover, in a survey conducted on what do lecturers think about papers submitted by students, more than half of the teachers accepted that they deduct marks if the language is obscure. So, errors must be avoided at any cost.

Tips to improve writing skills

Chalking out the structural flaws

Research reports, essays, literature reviews, thesis writing, and certain other kinds of academic assignments are divided into too many sections like introduction, body and conclusion. To check whether their structure is correct, the author must ask himself the following questions;-

For introduction:-

  • Is the question fully answered?
  • Is the introduction accompanied by a thesis statement and a hint at sub-heading included in the body?

For body:-

  • Does each paragraph deals exclusively with each problem?
  • Are all paragraphs saying something about the topic sentence?
  • If transitioning from one point to another in the body of the document without any break?

For conclusion:-

  • Is thesis point emphatically proved?
  • Can the reader be reminded of the strength of the argument?
  • Is there any new information in the conclusion?

For tables:-

Tables and figures are overlooked in the research report or essay on which the findings are based while proofreading. The significance of charts, pies, graphs and other means of graphical representation increases when the subject matter relates to a technical discipline like economics, accounting, or engineering.

Tables or infographics are used by the reader to take the gist of the text so included. It is to be made sure that the table contains the following:-

  • A non-ambiguous title
  • Clear heading for different columns
  • A particular set of data
  • Footnoting and referencing is done properly wherever necessary.

For illustrations:-

Illustrations make the academic assignment more appealing and easy to understand. Use of graphical content like pictures, charts, diagrams, sketches, etc. give clarity to any document. Like tables, illustrations must be:-

  • Highlighted with a proper caption.
  • They should be numbered in a systematic way for easy identification and reference.
  • The images to be used must be of HD quality.

Proofreading is a time taking process and needs a higher level of concentration. A manuscript goes through different levels of checking before being published. It is done by professionals. Keeping this in mind, the author should understand that it will take some time. No proofreading services could point out mistakes in this except the author. So, there is no use of finding, �do my assignment'sproofreading.�

Incorporating systematic approach:-

Following tips must be followed for incorporating a systematic approach towards this.

Slower it is, better it is:-

  • Errors like these are not chalked out in the first reading. Time and tide wait for none.
  • Read the document out loud two-three times to make it more realistic.

The manuscript should be divided:-

  • Reading the whole assignment in sections is less taxing and more fruitful. It is easier to point out things by taking breaks rather than attempting to find all in one go.

Highlighting the recurring mistakes:-

  • If recurring mistakes are pointed out, the mind alerts sub-consciously to avoid that afterwards. If this practice is done religiously, some errors might vanish altogether from the author's writing.

Help from otherAssignment helpproviders and software's could be taken to eliminate the possibility of common errors. But, structural and formatting mistakes can only be pointed out by perusing the assignment many times.

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