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Mushroom picking trolleys are one of the most, if not the most important pieces of equipment of every mushroom growing farm. Quality of the trolleys and the features that they possess directly affect the speed and efficiency of picking, so choosing the right ones is extremely important and should be a priority for every farm.

However, not every prospective buyer might know what exactly to look for to not be disappointed. Read on to find out what are the most important features of a good mushroom picking trolley!

Automation will ensure profitability

Automation has been getting more important with every passing year in nearly every industry, including the mushroom growing one. Using a mushroom picking trolley that has modern, technologically advanced features results in more mushrooms per 1m2 of harvest, which in turn greatly affects the farm's profitability.

The most important feature of this kind is automation of the up and down, as well as right and left movement (which is optional). Being able to move the platform by pressing a button is a faster and more efficient method than the one present in old trolleys. They required the employees to manually turn a crank to move the platform, which required a lot of physical effort, leading to more tired and less efficient workers.

Automating the movement is possible thanks to the use of an electric wench, powered by gel batteries. It's also worth noting that lorries that use this solution are also equipped with a safety system that prevents the platform from falling uncontrollably in case of problems with the wench.

Optimal battery capacity prevents unnecessary breaks in picking

Trolley's battery running out in the middle of the shift leads to unnecessary breaks in picking and, as a result, reduced profits. That's why high-quality trolleys are distinguished by optimal battery capacity, designed with solving this problem in mind, which can last from 2 to even 5 days.

The exact battery life depends on many factors, such as the number of start-ups. More intensive use shortens the time between charges, but it still allows for completing a full shift without having to stop due to low battery capacity. Modern lorries automatically stop charging when full battery capacity is achieved, thus there's no risk of overcharging. What's more, the charging process doesn't need employee's supervisions, which saves workers' time.

The electrical box, which holds and protects the electrical components of the trolley from the farm's harsh conditions, is equipped with battery capacity indicator. As such, it's possible to quickly check whether it's time to charge and effectively plan charging breaks.

It's important to remember about automation features and optimal battery capacity when choosing a new mushroom picking trolley, although that's just a tip of the iceberg. Such things as safety systems and quality of materials used should also be considered. In any case, tested and proven suppliers, such as GROWTIME, are the best source for high-quality trolleys.

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