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How to Create a Quality Website and Make Profit Online

12 Oct 2021, 16:42 GMT+10

These days, people are creating websites here and there. Businesses are transferring online, bloggers creating info-products and sites for them, young inspired experts create blogs to hopefully monetize it in the future.

If you want to join 'the gang', it's not too late! Building a website with a template isn't very difficult. But you have to layer so many more things on top to make it profitable.

We'll walk you through every step of the process and show you the kinds of monetization you can try. This suits every industry.

Creating a High-Quality Website

Remember that you're creating a good website for money, not only an informational source.

Create a Minimalistic Yet Beautiful Design

First of all, think about the design. The trends are all around minimalism nowadays. You can use the simplest fonts, two colors, and some forms, and get a perfect design that will make your site recognizable!

If you're not ready to invest in a specialist, use standard templates. There are plenty of minimalistic ones!

SEO from All Sides

Optimize the website, both within it and on the outside. The following types of SEO will make it possible for your source to rank higher, build reputation, gain authority and more traffic, and become an awesome source of profit in the future.


On-site optimization is all about keyword choice and placement on every page. There should be a clear list and a strategy. You shouldn't assign the same focus keywords to two or more pages. Spamming with KWs also isn't a good idea.

Use them in metadata, titles, subheadings, a little throughout the text, media file names, and alt-tags. Use additional keywords, but don't make your content a mess with lots of similar words.


A fundamental part of off-site optimization is careful SEO link building. It's all about your authority online.

Build links by creating linkable articles, doing your own research and sharing statistics, cooperating with other blogs, etc. Try to earn a mention from a large website known in the niche to have a highlight in your backlink portfolio.


Tech SEO is about your code optimization, user experience, security, etc. You should work on website loading speed, choose a proper server, check the code for the absence of dozens of meta keywords, etc.

Also, make sure you include cybersecurity in your analysis plans. Look here for more information on the importance of it.

High-Quality Content

Of course, content is what people will come for. You need to have something so interesting on your website that other sources will cite you and create backlinks and people will rush to your pages for new information.

Write long-reads that add value to the niche, create infographics, make your tone known among the target audience. Do research, cooperate with other blogs in the niche, and don't neglect media. It's better to create it yourself, of course.

How to Make Money with a Website?

There are several ways you can earn money with your website. Some of them aren't available right from the start, but you can 'unlock' them later after building a reputation.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are amazing because even beginners can make money on them. There are different types; some will pay you for impressions and clicks. Others will only give you a commission for purchases made with your link.

The second type is the most popular and profitable, so it's better to start building authority upon the website launch.

A Closed Community

As you attract regular readers and create a unique kind of content, you'll have a chance to provide even more value for a closed group of visitors that pay every month for a subscription to a closed community within your blog.

This is a great way to get money from your website monthly.

An Info-Product

Then, it's a good idea to create an info-product where you will teach people what you can do. You can even create a course on website monetization! But make sure you have the expertise for such a project, as well as a base of regular readers ready to become customers.

Sponsored Content

As you start building a personal brand, cooperating with other businesses opens lots of monetization possibilities. Contact companies yourself at first, showing how many people read your blog and how they can become customers for their projects.

Upon agreement, you can write posts or create media content reviewing the products and services of your new partner. You may get free products and money! Plus, a commission may be available for your readers.

There you go! All this may seem easy, but the process will take some time. You need to build a website, write a content plan, create content, and make a reputation for your site. Only then, try to become a part of your first affiliate program.

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