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Tips for Taking Care of Your Car in the Summer

28 Apr 2022, 04:02 GMT+10

If there's one place on the earth where you will find abundant super and luxury cars on the roads, it's Dubai. The Emiratis are fond of luxury cars and it shows from their collection. Those who do not own them, they rent these cars to enjoy the ultra-luxury ride experience. It's certainly not uncommon to rent Mercedes in Dubai, or any other luxury car for that matter.

However, when you buy a luxury car, you also take the responsibility of maintaining it. And since Dubai has a warm climate, this maintenance becomes even more important.

Beat the Heat!

Summertime heat is here to warm our lives up once again. Everything needs to change to adapt to the incoming weather situation. The same is true for our cars. You won't have to change your car but you'll have to change things for it.

Hot weather can end up damaging your car in ways that you might not be aware of. The mechanisms involved in not just the hood of the car but also in the interior will require maintenance. So, let's take a look at the top things you should know in order to care for your car this summer!

Cool the Engine

The most obvious thing in the car that you need to take care of is the engine. No matter what the situation around the car, the engine will have effects on it. Always be sure that the engine doesn't show any problems out of the ordinary.

Coolant Systems

There are coolant systems in our cars that are responsible for moderating the temperature of the car. The coolant system works with coolant fluid. This fluid is present inside the coolant reservoir and the hoses that transport the water to the required places. You need to make sure that all these components are in top-notch condition.

There should be no rust or dirt particles present inside that can end up hurting the overall condition of engines. You're looking for leaks or any points in the hoses along with the connecting joints for any damage. Whenever there is a lot of activity in this area, it can damage the hoses. So, make sure that everything is in the best condition before you store your car away or drive it.

Engine Belts

Engine belts are always becoming one of the reasons that people need to go to a mechanic. There are not a lot of things that you need to know about engine belts. Just the fact that they are made from serpentine and join the alternator with the fan along with other parts. The fundamental thing about them is that they can break and therefore, require caution and care. Make sure that you have a firm belt that isn't loose or squeaking.


There are other fluids in the car than just the coolant system fluid. You can count in brake fluids and power-steering fluids in the category too. Even though it's just water, windshield-washer fluids need regular attention as well. Make sure that all the fluids are in an adequate amount. They can't be too much or too less than the right amount, otherwise, it can result in problems in driving.

Air Conditioning

The summer demands air conditioning. That means that the system in the car needs fixing and maintenance. Not only is it liable to be a risk for you, but damaged air conditioners can also become a problem for environments too. Leaking Freon in the air is harmful to the atmosphere. There are often leaks in the system that people overlook or underestimate. Getting a mechanic to take a look at it won't hurt.

Check the Tires

The tires of the car are prone to damage and wearing out. You need to check out the treads and the pressure of the tires. You're looking for any signs of stones or stray nails that are killing your tires' health. It's not common for people to have barometers to measure pressure so it's okay to go to mechanics for check-ups. Change any tires that need changing and keep an eye out for the spare tire. Most people often neglect to fix the spare and that worsens an already troubling situation like having a flat.

Filters and Dashboards

There is more than just the heat that you're preparing for. Of course, there's going to be ultraviolet rays of sunshine warming up the dashboard of the car. You should consider using solar panels to use all that energy to your advantage and avoid heating the car. Otherwise, you can go for shades that can help keep the sunlight's effect to a minimum. Furthermore, you need to take a look at the air filters of the car. Dirt particles, pollen, and other contaminants that are clogging up air filters can result in malfunctions.

Overall, it's easy to take care of your car once you have the basics down. Consulting professionals and experts for bi-monthly checks isn't a bad idea. And if you plan rent a car, make sure it's well-maintained. Otherwise, you may feel problems while driving. For the best and well-maintained luxury cars for rent, choose a reliable car rental in Dubai, such as One Click Drive. Here, you will find top-of-the-line luxury cars in the best possible condition.

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