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Pride Pixies Shows that Change is Possible with NFTs

07 May 2022, 00:02 GMT+10

When OPENSEA launched their NFTs on the blockchain, they found the whole idea of non-fungible tokens to be a bit strange. How were they going to sell these creatures that were one of a kind? This would never work, right? In case you're not familiar with what NFTs are and how they work, check out this complete guide here that can explain everything better than we ever could!

Vision of Pride Pixies with NFTs

We want to see Pride Pixies changing a future where women are truly equal to men and have access to all of life's opportunities. We believe in an open world where no one has to hide who they are and everyone can freely express themselves, their culture, gender identity or sexuality. In order for us to create a space for equality and inclusivity for all genders we need your help. We are creating a small business with a large social impact by empowering women worldwide via OpenSea.

How Artist can help LGBT+ community from NFTs?

Opensea and Pride Pixies started an open conversation to discuss how NFTs can help LGBT+ community and different societies. We are working on a case where an artist might use the Pride Pixies NFT image as a trademark, which would allow them to charge high licence fees or put legal pressure on other artists. We discussed our opinion about supporting LGBT+ rights in art projects and media coverage as it comes to NFTs. One of the most important issues was how do we support LGBT+ rights without charging higher fees for those who want to use Pride Pixies images. After all, if we start charging more for using certain images because they're associated with LGBT+, then we're reinforcing discrimination against LGBTQIA people.

How does it benefit the LGBT+ community?

For centuries, LGBT+ individuals have fought hard to gain their social rights. After many battles, LGBT+ are now more accepted in society and less stigmatised. However, there are still many countries around the world where homosexuality remains illegal, discrimination is prevalent and violence against gays and lesbians is common. Even in developed countries like the USA or France homophobia and transphobia still exist. Pride Pixies' mission is to fight for equality and acceptance of all genders through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our goal is not only to raise awareness but also make a difference on a global scale by supporting human rights causes. With Pride Pixies' support we can help change people's lives for better by fighting for equal rights worldwide. The first step towards equality starts with education which we hope our NFTs will contribute towards.

What makes these pixies special with NFTs?

In-game collectibles have always been a way to express yourself. But they've never had such a wide range of options until now. Pride Pixies shows that change is possible, and empowers girls and women everywhere to fight for their human rights and to do it in style. Plus, our colourful little pixies are just cute as hell! We can't wait to see what other designs people come up with. And we hope everyone has fun collecting them all. Because if you don't get one, you can still show your support by repping our hashtag:

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