Sun, 22 May 2022

The past few years in the COVID-19 pandemic have witnessed a fundamental change in online consumer behavior. Online consumer behavior has been altered to adapt to the changing situation, which also affects other industries, logistics, in particular.

Much as we talked about the online consumer behaviour changes, what are the details? How does the logistics industry manage the evolving situation? The passage can offer you some hints.

What Has Changed in Consumer Behaviour:

Before the pandemic, the Internet had shaped some consumer behaviors. Still, the pandemic has catalyzed its development, so here we will talk about some defined changes anyone of you might have experienced.

  • Offline to Online

There is no doubt that more purchases happen online since numerous e-commerce platforms make online buying within their grasp. By swiping the screen, consumers can enter stores from stores in a second without worrying about the distance. In this special time, the advantages of online shopping become more outstanding.

One of the advantages is avoiding contacts. When the city lockdown is imposed, consumers' purchases are shifted from offline to online. What added to it is the growing mature e-commerce platforms and logistics, both of which have offered consumers a better buying experience.

  • Celebrity Effects

With the development of some social platforms, every user can recommend things they like. Among the most popular online celebrities, people like Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, and some K-POP groups members have a voice in fashion. They can spark a flurry in some commodities, leading fashion trends in a short time. Products they endorse will be in hot-pursuit, then customers flood into official websites to make orders. Eventually, international logistics companies are what they can depend on to receive things they desire.

  • Wider Purchasing Choices

As mentioned before, e-commerce platforms, online celebrities, and well-developed social platforms have brought wider purchasing choices to consumers. As a result, local offline stores can no longer meet their demands. And with the rapid development of logistics, people can purchase commodities all around the world.

How Does the Changing Online Consumer Behaviour Influence the Logistics Industry:

It is well-known that the development of online shopping hinges on the logistics industry. Without its support, online consumer behavior will remain unchanged for a relatively long time. So what competencies do logistics companies build to adapt to the changing online consumer behavior?

  • Competence to Deal With A Sea of Orders

Amid the pandemic, sudden outbreaks will petrify consumers, forcing them to stock the necessary commodities. In addition, in some shopping festivals like the Double Eleven and the Black Friday, huge orders will put much pressure on international logistics services providers, challenging their competence to deal with a sea of orders quickly.

The bulk orders require logistics companies to coordinate with manufacturers, and sellers, sort the warehouse in advance and premeditate the transportation and crisis management in order to provide efficient delivery to their customers.

  • Competence to Select Proper Transportation

Commodities of various features require suitable transportation. For example, delicate gadgets need a gentle and quick transition, by air, the stick and nonperishable objects can be shipped, while land transportation is handy for other products. Choosing the proper transportation depends not only on rules of thumb but also on big data, which can analyze the features of the commodities and make wider choices, saving time and money in transportation selection.

  • Competence to Offer Affordable and Quality Logistics Services

Competence in the logistics industry is increasingly cut-throat. The untapped potential and profits attract many companies who want a slice of the action to flood this industry. However, the industry is people-oriented, which means they have to meet the customers' demands. And the customers want quality services at an affordable price.

The changing online consumer behavior leads to a widespread logistical infiltration into people's life. Greater demands require lower prices. Therefore, when logistics services top their requirement, logistics companies have to offer the most competitive prices.

Conclusion: Changing Online Consumer Behaviour Drives the Change in Logistics

The COVID-19 pandemic has led left nobody, no industry untouched. And, like a ripple effect, the changing consumer behavior drives the changes in logistics, and in turn, the logistics support the development of the behavior. Under this circumstance, you may wonder who can offer the best logistics services, which is extremely important for the customers engaging in global purchases. Then 4PX can be the best choice.

4PX is an experienced international logistics services provider. Founded in 2004, years of experience attaches mature competence to the company to be capable of offering quality services that are low in price. If you are interested in learning more about the company, feel free to check its website.

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