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7 Fantastic Additions to Perfect Your Kitchen in 2022

27 May 2022, 16:42 GMT+10

The kitchen is the heart of almost every home. It's where we eat, enjoy time with our loved ones, and where valuable, relaxing moments with friends are spent. If your kitchen fails to provide a sense of comfort, style, and efficiency, it can greatly damage the heart of your home. For those looking to make the most out of their kitchen in 2022, knowing what type of trendy and worthwhile renovations to consider becomes the first step. To assist you on your journey, here are seven fantastic additions that can perfect your kitchen in 2022:

1. Adding a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have become one of the must-have trend additions to kitchens in 2022. Not only do they help free up space for you to live in your kitchen, but they allow you to keep the sink, trashcan, and other crucial kitchen tools in one single location. If you're looking for an addition that will revolutionize the look of your kitchen, remodeling the space to include a kitchen island is a surefire hit.

2. Induction Cooking Appliances

Cooking with electric and gas stovetops in 2022 is beginning to feel unnecessary, and the revolutionary nature of induction cooking appliances is to thank for this change in mindset. These stovetops are vastly more energy-efficient and can cook at a faster rate while maintaining a much more accurate cook temperature. If you're looking to up your cooking game, and save big on energy bills, an induction stovetop or other induction cooking appliance is a great way to do so.

3. Deep Drawers

Traditionally, many kitchens were built with fairly shallow drawers. Not only can this become a storage nightmare, but it makes organizing less visually satisfying as well. By investing in a renovation that deepens your drawers, you can become more efficient and stylish in one fell swoop. The trendiness of this kitchen update is continuing to rise at a lightning-fast pace, so if you want to stay on top of your style game with your kitchen in 2022, it's time to invest.

4. Appliance Islands

If you love using a variety of fancy appliances during your cooking journeys, you'll understand how frustrating it can be to have to constantly spread them out across your kitchen space. Well, the appliance island trend is here to fix all of your problems. These islands are built to have plenty of storage space specifically to fit your appliance storage needs. If you want to avoid messy power cables strung about, and want one convenient location where you can enjoy all of your quirky appliances, you should give serious consideration to renovating your home's kitchen so that it has an appliance island. You'll never have to reorganize your kitchen simply to enjoy your favorite brand of coffee again.

5. White Marble Countertops

If you want a simple renovation that is all about beauty, white marble countertops are the renovation to look into. These countertops are durable, shiny, and stunning to look at. With the simplicity of the renovation, you can easily install white marble countertops into your kitchen space without too much of a mess. While the price point can be high, white marble countertops are one of the best ways to show off how much you prioritize a sense of style and class in your home's kitchen.

6. LED Lighting

Especially if you have an ancient lightning set up in your kitchen, you're sure to have realized how it can distort your cooking activities. Even if you use your kitchen to host more than to cook, having a lighting setup that feels solid and comfortable is key to making the most out of the space. With LED lighting technology, you unlock not only much brighter and more comfortable lighting but the ability to continually adjust the actual settings of your lighting setup. If you want the ability to remain flexible with your lighting, switching to LED lighting is an absolute must.

7. A Color Palette Makeover

Another affordable kitchen makeover option, color palettes that are built to make a style statement are all the rage in 2022. Color palettes that are black and white, neutral, or retro-inspired have become especially popular with the style-conscious over the last five years. Depending on how far you want to go, you might pair this color update with plenty of other kitchen updates and renovations, to not only save money but make the makeover feel fully successful as well.

Your Dream Kitchen Awaits

Now that you have some solid ideas under your belt, it's time to envision what your home's dream kitchen looks like. Once you've got your ideas settled, you'll have the opportunity to imagine the best way to make them become a reality. With a bit of hard work and some smart financing, you'll soon have a home with a kitchen that you never imagined could be so stunningly beautiful.

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