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What Are The Functions And Types Of Pneumatic Valves?

09 Jun 2022, 23:42 GMT+10


Basically, you must know what a valve is, which controls or regulates the passage of fluid that helps the fluid or component flow in a particular direction without any issue or trouble. The question is, what pneumatic valve is? It means the valve that controls the amount of pressure, material that uses compressed gas pressure for its operation. They are also known as directional control valves as it controls the flow in multi-directional.

The main thing that makes a pneumatic valve different from the usual valve is that it is multi-directional, which makes them different from the available valve. There are many types of pneumatic valves, and they can be bifurcated through size, design, principle and mainly operation and applications.

Every type of pneumatic valve has its own specific functions and outlook, making them different from others. Still, there are some significant functions that almost all kinds of pneumatic valves consist of, and you will get to know more about them in the further article. You must buy the valves that suit most of your working conditions, and you must know about each and every one of them so that you must know what the most suitable one for you is.

The functions and types are essential things to know before making your decision. It is highly recommended to buy the valves from good companies to experience those functions and the good quality of the product. You can definitely check out the best pneumatic valve factory to get the best valves.

Significant functions of pneumatic valves:


  • The perimeter of actuated walls has the capability to change or stop the direction of the air or gas. New types of pneumatic actuator valves can be bifurcated based on direction. They help in the multi-directional flow of a component.
  • The function of pressure control protects the whole system from any damage that can happen because of excessive pressure. They worked as a pressure control that limits the maximum pressure allowance of the system.
  • The walls also manage the flow control of a component. It usually tells you if anything goes wrong with the flow control valve. Flow control is one of the significant functions of normative walls as we buy walls because of how it can control and manage the flow rate of a fluid or gas.

Types of Pneumatic valves:


Two-Way directional control pneumatic valves:

Two-way directional control pneumatic valves are a simple component and help to save money and energy with their commendable features. They have an outlet and inlet port that can be open or closed. The air can move from one port to another or in the opposite direction if the ports are open. Moreover, it can be said that these have lower operating costs.

If you are using them for your industrial work, you must want everything to go perfectly, and you can easily provide your respective services and products to the people of the best quality and condition. For that, you can consider a security packaging solution. It will help you export or provide the material in the same quality as you have made it.

Three-Way directional control pneumatic valves:

Like two-way valves have two ports. The three-way directional valve has three ports, and each one of them has a significant purpose; the first one links the valve to the actuator, the second one is connected with the airflow, and the third port exhausts the exit. The three-way directional valves are highly affordable if you buy them from a good company that can guarantee A-one quality of it.

Four-Way directional control pneumatic valves:

These valves have four ports in which two are connected with the actuator, the other is responsible for controlling the pressurized airflow, and the last one works as an exhaust pathway. People usually also connect one more port to the valve to make it more useful.


The functions and types mentioned above will help you a lot while you are buying valves for your industrial operations. They are essential to know so that you shouldn't be clueless about it and get the best product for your investments. Doing business is not an easy task, and if you have a working area near a river or sea, you must need a steady diy floating dock that will help you a lot and make your work really easier.

This article contains all the basic information you must know if you are a beginner and don't have much idea about the valves and their applications.

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