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About the features of real estate construction in Dubai

06 Sep 2022, 06:42 GMT+10

Dubai does not stop in its development and continues to amaze. The scale and quality of new construction are amazing. This city more than 150 times got into the book of records. What is the reason for the popularity of buying property in the emirate from foreigners? This is a profitable investment option to generate income with minimal effort. You can search for apartments for sale in Dubai Marina the UAE on Emirates. Estate website and find the best offers there. What do you need to know when buying property there? On the features of the construction of new buildings in Dubai further.

Benefits of buying a home in Dubai

Dubai is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, and its property market is the most dynamic. The decision to buy a house in the city is attractive not only in terms of residence, permanent or temporary but also as a profitable investment.

  • The legislation, which regulates the purchase and sale of real estate, has simplified the procedure of processing transactions as much as possible. In addition, thanks to the control of the relevant authorities, you need not to worry about their safety: it is almost impossible to become a victim of scammers here.
  • Additional expenses accompanying the purchase of a house or any other real estate in the city are only 7%. This is an administrative and property registration fee, as well as a commission to the agency if the seller is not a developer. If the deal is concluded directly with the developer, then the additional costs will be reduced to 4%.
  • Whatever the purpose is you decide to buy a house in the city: recreation, permanent residence, or renting out, you can choose the right option from the extensive offer in the primary and secondary housing markets. As for the second option, such real estate, as a rule, costs less than new.
  • Characteristics of new housing in the Emirates

    Building in the UAE is carried out by the district. In areas where high-rise buildings are located, one-, two-, or three-story buildings cannot be found. And, on the contrary, skyscrapers will never be built next to villas and townhouses.

    Authorities and developers tend to pay more attention to city planning. New buildings are being erected in whole arrays in Dubai, both in its central part and closer to the suburban areas. During the construction of a residential complex, the developer implements the main infrastructure facilities. The laying of communication networks is going on before the construction of the building itself.

    The area of ​​housing also depends on the location. Large apartments are offered in elite areas. There are no large apartments in the zones of budget development.

    Developers in Dubai are characterized by turnkey housing. More than 95% of real estate properties are rented with a fine finish.

    The cost and possibility of acquiring housing in a mortgage

    In the UAE, real estate is generally not bought on credit. This trend is explained simply - almost all developers offer installments. Payment of the cost usually depends on the stages of construction. The investor pays from 10 to 25% of the property value, and then during the process of building the housing or after its completion, he pays the remaining amount.

    Residential property prices do not change as the deadline approaches. Their growth is usually associated with market changes.

    Dubai starts construction outside the city

    The city plans to develop new land for development: projects related to rural areas of the emirate.

    Active construction has been underway during several years, and the pace of real estate purchases in the UAE is not declining. The central districts are already built up with properties, new buildings, and housing for every taste - there will simply be nowhere to build more and soon. Therefore, the emirate redirects the focus of attention to suburban areas.

    • In areas such as Margam, Al-Marmum, Al-Khabab, Al-Faka, Al-Lusaili, Al-Avir, and others, all the infrastructure necessary for the development of tourism, including environmental tourism, will appear.
    • Also, in addition to tourism, a cultural direction is being considered. All this will open up new opportunities for the economic development of these territories and the expansion of the range of services for residents and visitors of Dubai.

    Real estate in Dubai

    If you want to buy property in Dubai, it is better to do it right now. The catalog of Emirates.Estate company contains an extensive list of luxury housing options. If you have not found a suitable property, the staff will promptly offer a property for sale that meets all individual requirements. Buying a house abroad, with all the loyalty of the laws, is a process that requires solving several tasks and knowing certain nuances. Emirates.Estate will help you solve them quickly, professionally, and profitably for you.

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