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Arlin Jordin Washington | Caring for Running Sneakers

23 Sep 2022, 06:02 GMT+10

Arlin Jordin Washington the best shoe designer describes his best ideas how to protect your shoes. His great ideas will bring your shoes up to comfortable level. With many of our possessions, we should try our best to take good care of our running sneakers. Take a look at these seven suggestions below that will get you more miles out of your running shoes.

Suggestion of Arlin Jordin Washington

Give Your Shoes Some Shade

Place your running shoes in a shoe box or within your closet in your bedroom. Or under your mattress. Make sure your sneakers are away from the direct light throughout the day. Do not leave footwear in the car, and don't even leave them in the trunk. The heat and humidity are not good for your shoes. They can dry out and become hard.

Quality Sneakers

When you purchase running shoes, be sure they're high-quality sneakers that will last a long time. They will not be able to withstand the elements if made of cheap materials.

Free Your Shoe Laces

It is recommended to untie your shoes before taking them off instead of simply removing your feet out of them. Make sure to do this each time you take off your shoes. Each when you put them on make sure you tie the shoelaces. It will prevent the heel cup in the shoe from not having enough support and could be broken.

Eco-Friendly Shoe Cleaners

Utilize eco-friendly items to maintain your shoes fresh and clean. Arlin Jordin Washington said try washing your shoes by hand. It's not a great option to clean them with a washer and dry them on the drying rack. It could cause damage to your shoes as well as your appliances at home.

2 Pairs are Better Than 1

You should have two or more pairs of running shoes and rotate them when you wear them.

Just Run with Them

They're running shoes. Wear them only when you're doing jogging, running, or walking for a workout, like fitness or Zumba.

Give Your Shoes a Break

Arlin Jordin Washington don't wear your running shoes all through the day. It's no harm to put them back to back for a couple of days or so, but not continuously. It's a good idea to take a break from wearing.


Like all things in life, we'd like our footwear to last an extremely long duration. There will come a time that you've outgrown the shoes, and they are not fitting anymore. Or you aren't enjoying the style any longer. When that happens do not throw them to the curb instead reuse them. Arlin Jordin Washington it's financially and socially rewarding to participate in the circular economy by participating in sneaker recycling programs for individual retailers and businesses of all kinds and sizes. If you are a part of an organization that recycles, you'll make a difference in the world.

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